Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Fun Filled Week

We had a lot planned last week. We were able to go have lots of play dates with friends. Here is Jayden getting a breathing treatment on Wednesday in which he is doing much better. On Thursday it was our friend Zach's birthday we headed to Red Lobster with him and his wife for a nice dinner and surprise for Zach. His wife arranged a singing telegraph of a lady dressed in a french maid costume. (lots of fun), then on Friday we went swimming with some friends at Coral Canyon (lots of work) and then headed to Green Springs water park after. I now have very tan kids. On Saturday we had the privilege to attend our home teachers sealing in the St George Temple. What a neat experience. Thanks to all who made our week.

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Heather!! said...

aaaaw. i like how he's holding the mask, he's a cutie...and what a rad wifey calling in that telegraph, haahaha, aw, fun filled week you had, indeed :)