Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots of Visitors

Well we have had lots and lots of visitors this month. Valentine's weekend Trevors sisters were here. Then my cousin Sara stopped in on Wednesday, Thursday my brother Josh and his 3 kids and wife and my mom came. They left this morning. Here are a few pictures of the 7 kids. We had a lot of fun with them Please come back soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sister-in-laws visiting

This past weekend Trevor's sisters came to visit and they always take lots of pictures so here are a few of the many. The babies are expierencing carrots this week. They LOVE them. We are now getting ready for more company. We have my mom, brother Josh and his family coming for 5 days in which we are excited for.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bowling and Adam's Birthday

Trevor and I went on a date Saturday. We invited friends to come along and go bowling with us. We went to Dixie Bowl and had a great time. We will defiantley go back (very cheap date by the way) Then we went to Big Scoop Cafe for ice cream and since Adam turned 30 on Monday the sang to him and made him wear an ice cream cone hat.

Taylor's first Primary Activity

Last Saturday Taylor went to his first Primary activity and had a blast. He was so excited that he was able to frost sugar cookies for mom and dad.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A week in review

Pictures after shots were given

Jarrod weighing in at 15.4 Jayden weighing in at 12.14 and MacKayla weighing in at 12.14

So on Monday we had the opportuinty to be to WIK by 7:00 am. Why do I do this to myself I ask. To have 4 kids and myself ready that early is crazy. We spent 2 hours at WIK and then to Walmart to get groceries. At WIK I was told Taylor is still considered "high risk" even more so then before since he has grown taller but has lost weight. I am to give him a spoonful of peanut butter daily and add butter to everything. Also they said no more letting Taylor exercise with me. On Tuesday I returned my pump. I am no longer pumping. I am still breastfeeding Jayden 2-4 times a day which is very nice for me. I feel like I have a lot more time. Today is the anniversary of us closing escrow on our house. We have now lived here for 4 years. When we bought this house I told Trevor I ould live here for 5 years and then we should move so Trevor has a year to find me something else. (I told him I wouldn't mind staying longer) Also today all the kids had doctors appointments. We found out Jarrod is lactose intolerance therefore they are switching his formula and it should help with him not throwing up so much. Jarrod and MacKayla has lost some weight due to being sick so we now have to go back to the doctors in a month for another check up. The triplets all got shots which they have been a little miserable from. Hopefully they will sleep good tonight since I need a goodnight sleep.