Friday, January 30, 2009

Green Beans

MacKayla's reaction

Jayden's reaction

Jarrod's reaction

Well tomorrow the babies turn 6 months old. Where has time gone. As a result I started to give them green beans here is pictures of there reactions.

After this was done Taylor has some trucks from Trevor's mom's preschool and he decided to use them as rollerskates

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Spoiled Little Girl

Well the past couple of weeks have been rough since the triplets haven't slept through the night. I had a brilliant idea I will let them cry through the night since they are now big enough to be able to sleep through the night and no more getting up to make bottles. Well last night was the night and the babies did awesome. Cried once for mabey 2 minutes then fell back to sleep (what took me so long to try this). The only other thing I did I finally seperated MacKayla from the boys and she now has her own bed and currentley sleeping in her own room. When MacKayla crys she always wakes her brothers up and she is a bed hog. Well I think we will keep it this way for a while since I actually got a good night sleep.

Saturday Night the babies had there first bath together. They loved splashing each other and kicking each other. I can't wait to see how they react in the swimming pool later in the spring.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taylor's first Pinewood Derby

The cub scouts challenged the Elders to the Pinewood Derby for our ward. Taylor's friend from around the corner Micah was making a car to enter with his dad who is the elders quorum president. Taylor then begged to go to the Pinewood derby. Trevor had to work late so I packed all four kids up and took Taylor. He used one of Trevor's old cars that he raced as a cub scout and won 2 out of the 4 heats. He had a blast. Micah (Taylor's friend) won every race. Taylor won the award for the "Coolest Old Guy Car". Way to go Taylor!

On a side note Jarrod learned how to roll over today from front to back. (finally)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jarrod couldn't take it anymore

Jarrod couldn't take the toddler anymore

Photo Shoot

Taylor destroying his boxJayden MacKayla JarrodMacKayla, Jayden, Jarrod Jarrod, Jayden, MacKayla After waking up and getting the kids out of bed this morning I had a surpirse waiting for me. 3 explosion not 1 but 3, so I took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot. Enjoy the pictures next week the triplets will be 6 months old. How time has flown. Jayden and MacKayla can roll front to back and back to front but Jarrod on the other hand hasn't figured out the concept how to roll yet. Taylor has been keeping himself preoccupied with destroying things. Our vacuum blew up last week so we went and got a cheap vacuum from Walmart and he begged me to let him destroy the box. Yesterday Taylor also had fun exerciseing with me at the community center we ran a mile around the track and then walked a mile. Taylor and I were with our friends Adam and Alysha so it made it easier with Taylor to make a game out of it. (Thanks Adam)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Babies are getting big

Today we went to the doctors to have Jarrod and MacKayla checked out for there bum rashes turns out it is strep. But they were weighed and Jarrod weighed in at 15 pounds 8 ounces, Jayden 13 pounds and MacKayla 13 pounds 1 ounce. MacKayla and Jayden are in a rat race to see who weighs more each time we go in. I am very glad we have a wonderful doctor that takes time to see us and I never feel rushed. We go back to the doctors in about 3 weeks for there 6 month check up and shots. (ugh) Also today we went on a walk since it was pretty nice outside and Taylor road his bike that he got from Santa for the first time. At first he hated and was scared but by the end of going around the block he loved it. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will post one. I am looking forward to this weekend to be able to catch up on some needed sleep. We are sorry we are unable to go to Salt Lake but the time will come when we can get back up there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busy Life

I could have never imagined having triplets if you would have asked me 7 years ago. As I look back at the past 7 1/2 years of Trevor and my marriage I wish I could change a lot of things. Before we had kids I would have traveled more and saved more money for a rainey day such as this time. I feel I have no time for myself as I am a busy mom and wife. my day starts off pretty early taking care of babies and once they are in bed by 8:00 pm then I have time for Trevor and myself but I am trying to go to bed at a decent time. One day I will accomplish everything on my list. I am grateful for the help we have received so I can have an hour to myself.