Monday, June 1, 2009


Taylor roasting marshmallows
The family

Trevor and Taylor swimming

picture from our campsite

Trevor and Taylor setting up camp

Friday night we camped at Quail Lake and had a blast. We got to camp about 6:30 pm set up camp, and cooked our hobo dinners. After dinner we enjoyed the fire roasting marshmallows for smores and wolf ums. Can we just say yummy. Taylor's favorite part of camping I think is "peeing" on the rock. He kept saying he had to go "pee" every 5 minutes. The babies slept great, almost the whole night. Saturday morning we woke bright and early took down camp and headed for the lake. Trevor and Taylor enjoyed a little swim, then we headed home for showers and naps. Saturday evening we went back to have dinner and campfire with Melanie and Danny again. Now it is time to get the laundry down and finish unpacking.

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stefanismile said...

That looks so fun! You guys are so brave to go camping with 3 crawlers!!