Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Trip to California

We headed out Thursday morning for a 6 hour drive to San Marcos to visit my mom and dad and most of the cousins. While we were in sunny San Diego we visited the San Diego Zoo, played at the park, had a blast at Josh's new house where the kids LOVED showering outside, went to church, had family dinner, visited with Trevor's niece, visited Jackie, and of course went to Disneyland where we celebrated Taylor's Birthday. We had a fun time but we were also glad to home and to catch up on sleep. Enjoy the pictures!!!


Celeste said...

looks like a crazy, fun time. Cute pictures.

Carrie Allen said...

I love all the pictures!! Espcially the one of them all in the tun together. Ü I am all about showering outside - we do that in the summer (with swim suits on). Everyone is growing up! We'll be going to Disneyland this fall.

stefanismile said...

I still can't believ how big Taylor is getting! I remember he and Lizzy laying on your floor with their pacifiers in! What a great trip that must have been!