Monday, March 15, 2010

Back Together

Now that our computer is fixed thanks to our friend KC I can blog again and share pictures.


Jayden saying "cheese"
Jayden in the crib before surgery

MacKayla at Jumping Jacks

Jayden at Jumping Jacks

Jarrod at Jumping Jacks

Jarrod is all boy loves trucks and balls

Jayden playing with trucks loves anything that goes "voom voom"

Jarrod "Mr. Independent" Trevor was sharing an ice cream with the kids but Jarrod wanted one for himself. He will not share!!!!

Taylor riding his Jeep. He loves to be outside and to explore

MacKayla was so tired she fell asleep right by the front door watching her brother playing
Here is a video of Jayden saying "boo" then laughing he loves to play peek a boo with dad


Heather!! said...


The Schmutz Family said...

I didn't know your computer was broke. I wondered why you hadn't posted for a while. I'm glad it's fixed though. Those babies are growing right up!

stefanismile said...

They are all getting so big and so cute!! I am dying to know what you are going back to school for! We need to catchup! Love you guys!