Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lots going on

Well life is changing by the day it seems like around here. I have been crazy busy with my flower bow business which has been so nice to have the extra money. Then lots of family have been in town. Jayden went to the ER yesterday morning in the wee hours for respiratory distress. To put it lightly we have found out Jayden has pneumonia and has been getting breathing treatments everyday and will for the next week. Please keep him in his prayers as he goes through yet another battle of sickness. Sunday night was very scary for Trevor and I to see the suffering Jayden went through and I am very grateful for doctors who don't take their jobs lightly. And last but not least I started school full time at Dixie yesterday. I will be very busy with school work and hope to finish a couple of my classes early. Thanks to Trevor's sister AJ for coming down today to save us from the craziness around here. Stay tuned I will post new pictures soon.


Celeste said...

Wow Genel, there is a lot going on! I'm so sorry about Jayden. That's so rough. It seems like ages since I've seen you. K.C. started school today. That's exciting. Good luck with all your classes.

James and Lauren said...

we have been through the ER pneumonia battle twice now with kaden. Its hard to watch you baby being so sick. So i totally understand.