Thursday, August 6, 2009

1 year check up

Today the triplets had their 1 year check up and the stats are in

Jarrod - weighs 21.38 lbs. length 30.5 inches
Jayden - weighs 19.38 lbs. length 29.5 inches
MacKayla - weighs 17.75 lbs. length 29 inches

They are all doing wonderful and the doctor is very impressed we have 3 healthy babies with a clean bill of health. All of them got 4 shots today which was very sad. We also have been keeping the triplets home from church since May to help prevent them from getting sick. I was tired of always having sick kids and now knowing Jayden has asthma I want to keep them as healthy as can be especially with swine flu season right around the corner.

1 year old pictures will becoming soon. We were going to take them tonight but all were fussy so postponed until next week. So stay tuned


queenieweenie said...

I can't believe how big they are! Good job mama.

stefanismile said...

How did they all get so big!! :) I love that they are all so healthy. Jackson is only 20.6 pounds :)