Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of Fun

Jayden loves to read books

Jayden loves brother Taylor (giving kisses) Well we moved MacKayla and Jayden into 6-9 onth clothes and I am having a blast playing dress up. Most of MacKayla's clothes are dresses. We have been playing lots with a new little boy that moved into our ward and he is Taylor's age. Our neighbor friend also comes over to play which keeps Taylor very happy. We have been going on lots of walks since the weather is soooooooo nice here, and also to the park. I took Taylor and the babies to a water park for the first time today in which Taylor loved and asked if we could go back soon. Enjoy the pictures. Next week will be a very busy since we will now have a 4 year old and I am busy with my calling putting togther 72 hour car kits (192 of them).


Heather!! said...

they are changing!! their faces, iloveittttt!!! taylor does look like he was having fun, haaah ;]

queenieweenie said...

they are getting so big! isn't it scary how fast it all goes?