Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Doctors Appointment

Here are the pictures of weights from the doctors appointment today. Taylor did great until he worried about having shots next year. Tayor currentley weighs 34.2 lbs. is in 10% for weight but 90% for height.


Heather!! said...

jayden is top, right? he looks like taylor, the most :) you are fast blogger, today!! i swear i just spoke with you, in the car on your way home from the doctor adventure!!

Jill said...

They're so cute!! I adore them!! I LOVED holding big Jared and his little baby mohawk!!

They are just precious. We are going to come see you again soon. When we got to the 4-way stop yesterday, Ben said, "you member, Mom? Our friend's house?" He remembered that is the way we went to Taylor's house. It was so cute.

Cute bow, too!! Nice work!