Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taylor's first Pinewood Derby

The cub scouts challenged the Elders to the Pinewood Derby for our ward. Taylor's friend from around the corner Micah was making a car to enter with his dad who is the elders quorum president. Taylor then begged to go to the Pinewood derby. Trevor had to work late so I packed all four kids up and took Taylor. He used one of Trevor's old cars that he raced as a cub scout and won 2 out of the 4 heats. He had a blast. Micah (Taylor's friend) won every race. Taylor won the award for the "Coolest Old Guy Car". Way to go Taylor!

On a side note Jarrod learned how to roll over today from front to back. (finally)

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Olsens said...

Hi Trevor and Genel! How are you guys?! It's so fun to see your blog and your very, very cute babies! They are SO adorable. And Taylor is such a handsome guy :)