Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo Shoot

Taylor destroying his boxJayden MacKayla JarrodMacKayla, Jayden, Jarrod Jarrod, Jayden, MacKayla After waking up and getting the kids out of bed this morning I had a surpirse waiting for me. 3 explosion not 1 but 3, so I took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot. Enjoy the pictures next week the triplets will be 6 months old. How time has flown. Jayden and MacKayla can roll front to back and back to front but Jarrod on the other hand hasn't figured out the concept how to roll yet. Taylor has been keeping himself preoccupied with destroying things. Our vacuum blew up last week so we went and got a cheap vacuum from Walmart and he begged me to let him destroy the box. Yesterday Taylor also had fun exerciseing with me at the community center we ran a mile around the track and then walked a mile. Taylor and I were with our friends Adam and Alysha so it made it easier with Taylor to make a game out of it. (Thanks Adam)

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Celeste said...

so cute! I love the pictures! Way to get to the gym again too!