Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids Being Kids

Jayden playing dress up with MacKayla's clothes. He picked this out Best of Buds dressing up and sitting in the corner (MacKayla, Jayden)

Jarrod dressing up

Dance Party after Church on Sunday. You turn music on and EVERYONE starts dancing. So FUN. Come watch sometime
Jarrod in timeout
Jarrod wanted the camera not to have his picture taken

Jayden sits for 44 minutes and 38 secs at a time to play with blocks. He loves to build
MacKayla's tower
Jayden and MacKayla posing for pictures
The kids playing dogie. They will bark like dogs and go fetch like dogs. We have a reward chart for Taylor, I asked him what his reward should be when he gets to the top he said " a dog". absolutely not in my house. Then he went on to say "a cat then" again not in my house.

Hope you enjoyed the recent pictures.


Celeste said...

Fun. You have such cute kids. It seems like forever since we just got together to chat. Hey Maybe you should come play boggle with my while I'm waiting to go into labor! haha. Good times.

Heather!! said...

that last plicture is AWESOME!!beauty babies, love the andersons,

Renae said...

Your kids are getting so big! Thanks for the update.