Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 walkers, 3 climbers, 3 bitters HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have 3 walkers, 3 climbers (on everything), and 3 bitters. I am struggling to know how to handle the biting issue so if anyone has suggest it would be greatly appreciated. The doctor told me to bite that back. It doesn't seem to phase them. We have at least 3 bites daily that leaves bruises.
Our life is still pretty crazy around here with Trevor switching jobs and now works from 9:00 am to midnight Monday through Friday. I am still in school full time and will be finished with 3 of my classes by Thanksgiving. I have found an awesome babysitter who comes and watches kids while I go to school. The kids love her and adore her and is always excited to see her.
I am also looking forward to this weekend to be able to spend sometime with my mother in law and sister in laws while attending Time Out for Women. it is defiantly a much needed break from out day to day lives. I am also excited for the Holiday's to be fast approaching and enjoying the True meaning of Christmas.
I hope things are going well with you all and hope you have an enjoyable November.


Renae said...

Oh Genel . . . the biting thing is a nightmare. I've been watching a little boy for over a year and a half who is just a couple months younger than Ian. He went through a phase about 4 months ago where he would bite Ian constantly. Ian looked like an abused child. I was beside myself!!

I found the less I reacted angrily to it the better he was with it . . . he must have liked my angry reaction. So he would bite & I would calmly say "no biting" and put him in timeout for 1 minute. It seemed to work (but not immediately). . . but then again that was only 1 biter.

Also . . . his biting normally coincided with teething.

Good luck!!!

Carrie Allen said...

Genel - when I read about your life I realize mine isn't as overwhelming as I think it is. Ü I don't know how you do it all.

As for the biting - I agree with Ranae - the less you react the faster it will go away. Say "no biting", either put them in a "time out" for distract them and then move on. Kids live to make mom mad. Ü