Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday morning I attended the early morning Temple session which was ery nice but very early. Then I came home and Trevor and I made a Hamburger cake for a friend who was having a graduation party. After the party we came home and cleaned the garage out as a family. Yeah we can park the van in the garage now. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night I started losing my voice and I have a cold just like the kids. Today I have been lounging around and sleeping. Jarrod has yet another bum rash so we took him outside to sun bath his bottom but he ended up getting sunburned on one side of his face and his tummy. I love having relaxing days and fun family time.


The Schmutz Family said...

That cake looks awesome. Good job Trevor.

queenieweenie said...

Wow girl-you worked hard last weekend! You deserve a little relaxation now.

Carrie Allen said...

I've decided you are amazing! I wasn't a very happy camper the first couple years of my twins life. My hubby was gone all the time working and going to school and I was just very overwhelmed. But look at you - you have triplets(How did that happen by the way - fertility or just SURPRISE!) and a another little boy and yet you make bows, cute hamburger cakes, go to the temple and are going to do school. What a great attitude Genel. You are an example to me.