Friday, April 17, 2009

Eventful Trip

Well Yesterday (Thursday) Trevor and I made the trip to California for a wedding on Saturday. The trip I thought would go smoothly but shortly after we got going we needed to fill up with gas at Costco. Went to my purse can't find my Costco card. Remembered the cashier didn't give it back to me when I was in last. Had to go inside and have new cards printed. Our miss hap's were non exempt until we hit fallbrook. We got a flat tire going 75 miles an hour in the fast lane. Of course I was driving. We are blessed no cars were around us so I can pull off onto the side of the freeway. Trevor got out of the car to see what had happen and our tire practically shredded and we had lost our hub cap. We drove a mile to the next off ramp so we can unload the car and change the tire safely. I am grateful my dad came to help us out and take most of the load in his car. (We had 11 boxes of food storage for Josh in the trunk)Some nice police men came to make sure we were all OK and grateful for there reassurance. We made it to my parent's house at about 2:30 am Utah time. Today (Friday) are plans are now a little altered trying to find the best place to go get new tires. Hope rest of the weekend is eventful but in good memories.


The Schmutz Family said...

Oh I'm so sorry Genel. That is a total bummer and a bad to way to start out a trip. Good luck!

Heather!! said...

oh my goodness!! what a trip, you the wo-man, i would have been very, very afraid...i hope you guys have a good lil trip, too, minus any more mishaps <33

stefanismile said...

Oh man, that is no fun! Glad to hear you had people around to lend a hand though. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!